Theicebreak For iPhone Wants To Make Your Already Great Relationship More Awesome

In the same space as BeCouply and Tokii, social “network” for couples theicebreak is now available on the iPhone — for those that want to stay hyper-connected to their SOs via mobile.

Upon opening theicebreak gives you two options: First is the option to answer an “icebreaker” or a question related to your partner, your relationship or your personality — like, “What are the best words to hear from your partner?” or “What’s your favorite thing to do when the weather gets cold?” You also have the option to “capture today’s moment,” or share a picture of something you saw during the day that “amazed you.”

Aiming to improve communication, affection or excitement within a relationship, theicebreak lets users share privately with their partners and/or anonymously with all users. If your partner isn’t on theicebreak, the app will loop them in via email where they can still receive your answers to their questions and your moments, even if they don’t participate themselves.

And participation pays off, literally (!): Every time you complete an action on theicebreak you earn $10 in theicebreak coins. When a couple earns $500 in coins, they receive a 20% discount (for up to $20) off their date. All they need to do is mail in the receipts from a date-type outing and the company will send them a check for up to $20. Cute.

The app will eventually include Wishlists, a popular site feature that functions like a Pinterest for the relationships, allowing the couple to curate lists of stuff like where they want to go on vacation or what they want for Christmas.

theicebreak aims to enhance, not replace the communication couples have already, “Making your already great relationship more awesome,” founder Christina Brodbeck tells me. In addition to the features above, users have a Stats section where they can rate their relationship satisfaction levels daily and a Vitals section which lists couple-relavent information like Birthdays, Clothing preferences and Ring size ;).

PSA: Couples might not want to use this around terminally single friends. Because it would be insanely annoying.