StatCounter: Chrome Grabs 25.7% Of Global Market, Overtaking Firefox

According to Web analytics company StatCounter, Google Chrome has surpassed Mozilla Firefox to become the second most used Web browser in the world after Internet Explorer.

I’m always a bit wary about StatCounter’s claims, but I would be very surprised if Chrome didn’t overtake Firefox at some point.

In the UK, Chrome bumped Firefox to the third place back in July 2011 (also according to StatCounter).

Indeed, the trends are crystal clear. StatCounter’s research arm, StatCounter Global Stats, reports that Chrome took 25.7 percent of the worldwide market last month (up from a mere 4.66 percent in November 2009) compared to Firefox’s 25.23 percent.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer maintains a strong lead with 40.63 percent globally (and even 50.66 percent in the United States), but the graph below shows both IE and Firefox declining fast.

StatCounter says its statistics are based on aggregate data collected on a sample exceeding 15 billion page views per month (4 billion from the US) from a network of 3 million+ websites.

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