Frictionless Kills Facebook “Social” Article Readers Dead

Nik Cubrilovic and his buddy Brian Kennish have created something I’ll probably use every day. It’s called Frictionless and it takes the middle-man out of news reading on Facebook. It’s not quite ready for prime time, so I’ll recommend caution when trying it, but it works a treat.

You know those Washington Post and Yahoo News stories you see one Facebook? And you know how it asks you to install an “app” in order to read the link? Well, Frictionless hijacks that process in Chrome and sends you straight to the news story in question. It’s a bit wonky in that it still forces you to see the App page before it figures out what’s going on, but once the system pops you over to the actual article, it’s a lifesaver.

I’ve never been sure why folks like the Washington Post needed these Facebook apps in the first place and I’m wary of adding a bunch of cruft to an already overstimulating Facebook experience. It’s little workarounds like this that make the web a simpler and nicer place – kind of the way it was a decade ago.

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