The Narwhal Bacons On Your Phone: BaconReader Is A Reddit Reader For Android

Folks who use iOS devices can enjoy the fine, fresh flavor of Reddit any time day or night with the official Reddit app. But what about Android users? What are they, chopped bacon?

BaconReader is a new Android reader produced by OneLouder. It is, as you’d expect, heavily text-based but it allows you to view your own account and submit news to Reddit as well as browse image links like a champ.

Why Reddit doesn’t have their own iReddit version for Android is beyond me, but there you have it. The free version includes ads but you can upgrade to ad-free for $1.99. Most important is this simple line that many wouldn’t notice in the product description and that I think shows the care and diligence these folks put into the app.

– Rageface and look of disapproval support

There are plenty of Android Reddit readers out there but this one looks to be a bit more polished, with color coded comment threads and full inbox support. Sure, it may not get you a date with I_am_the_cheese or highlight stuff that’s already been on 4chan, but it’s a native Android Reddit client and I’m sure it will go more than OK.