100Plus Raises $1.25M From Greylock and Band Of Angels To Make You Live Longer

Less than a month after securing $500K from Founders Fund, health prediction service 100Plus has brought its funding up to $1.25 million. The new $750K in funding comes from Reid Hoffman and John Lilly via Greylock Partners’ Discovery Fund, Aydin Senkut of Felicis Ventures, and Ian Sobieski and Nicola Corzine via Band Of Angels’ Acorn Fund. The plan for the money? Developing the front and back end of the forthcoming 100Plus product so it can increase your lifespan. Co-founder Ryan Howard tells me the team is almost ready to launch its “crystal ball for your future, with insight into the 2 different versions of you — one that eats cheesecake for breakfast, and one that drinks a powershake.” Given the rate it’s taking funding and the quality of its investors, some see riches in 100Plus’ future.

Howard is also the founder and CEO of free electronic medical records provider Practice Fusion. He says that startup’s goal is to help sick patients get better, while 100Plus is designed to prevent people from getting sick in the first place. Users log their diet, exercise, and other decisions, which 100Plus compares against its datasets from Practice Fusion, Health.gov, and the CDC. It then shows you the path your life will take given those decisions. That means showing you how you’ll get diabetes at 40 and die at 55 if you’re making poor choices, and how you could be bicycling with your grandkids if you improve.

With the funding, 100Plus has hired design firm Cooper to create an elegant, beautiful user experience that takes advantages of all of the capabilities of iOS. It’s also hiring engineers, predicting its own growth and need for scalability.

Next 100Plus plans to build out gamification elements, allowing you to compare scores privately or anonymously with friends, family, coworkers, or global averages. Howard tells me him and co-founder Chris Hogg want to “leverage the human ego to get the end user to live longer. Older people are going to love it because it lets them maximize their lifespan. College kids are going to love it because they’re competitive.”

100Plus also has enterprise prospects. Companies are interested in getting employees tracking their health and rewarding them with gym memberships and other healthy perks if they keep their score ups — and keep the company’s health insurance rates down. With multiple prospective revenue streams and booming interest in personal wellness, 100Plus looks like it has a healthy life ahead of it.