Galaxy Nexus Gets The iFixit Teardown Treatment

I’ve spent what seems like months obsessing over every little bit of Galaxy Nexus minutiae that’s crossed the wire, and what better to celebrate its (hopefully) impending launch than to watch one get torn apart? That’s right folks — iFixit is at it yet again, and this time it’s the GSM Galaxy Nexus that’s going under the knife.

Dismantling the Galaxy Nexus seems simpler than is the case with some other devices (it doesn’t need the use of a giant knife, for one), but it still isn’t a cakewalk. Things start off simply enough with Nexus’s the NFC antenna/1750mAh battery, which is sure to make buying replacements and spares less pleasant than usual. A few screws and handful of guitar picks later, and we’re looking at the rest of the phone’s innards: the 5-megapixel camera module, WiFi radio, RAM, and more.

You may need to be patient in order to get the full skinny though — iFixit’s newest teardown is so new that it hasn’t fully been fleshed out yet. Those who live and breathe power amplifiers and motion processing units will want to keep wailing on the refresh key, but that hasn’t stopped the teardown team from getting some great shots of the Nexus’s mostly-blue innards.

If the iFixit team wants you to know anything, it’s that you should play it safe when it comes to the screen: it’s apparently a real pain to replace. But then again, you wouldn’t dare let anything happen to your precious Nexus would you?