(Founder Stories) Mayor Bloomberg On Success: If “Having Access To The Best & The Brightest Is The Difference, This Is The Place To Be.”

In episode II of Mayor Bloomberg’s interview with Founder Stories host Chris Dixon, the two start off by discussing Mayor Bloomberg’s desire to strengthen the economic foundation of New York City by attracting top scholars in applied sciences.

Boasting of an already strong selection of universities in the area, Mr. Bloomberg tells Dixon, “we put out a proposal asking for responses for anybody who would like to move a university here or build another campus here of their university.” He says his team has narrowed the finalists to six, and the winner will receive “land and $100-million in infrastructure.”

While many universities can secure the funds necessary to make it work in NYC, the high cost of living poses greater challenges for founders of more modest means. Addressing the issue Mayor Bloomberg notes, if “low rent and low taxes is the difference between you being successful or not successful, you don’t have a business. If the having access to the best and the brightest is the difference, this is the place to be.”

Speaking about the best and brightest, Mayor Bloomberg says the United States needs to do more to welcome immigrants. He feels so strongly about the subject that he tells Dixon America is “committing national suicide” but not allowing such talented minds to help shape its future.

Make sure to hear the rest of his thoughts by viewing the entire interview.

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