Zuckerberg Loves That The FTC Wants You To “Like” Them On Facebook

Facebook and the FTC made peace this morning, after the government agency complained that the social network violated user privacy. The two reached a settlement which will fundamentally change the way Facebook deals with privacy  moving forward — including measures like bulking up its privacy division and submitting to new privacy audits every two years.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg emphasized that he did not take the issue of consumer privacy lightly in a public statement, ”Not one day goes by when I don’t think about what it means for us to be the stewards of this community and their trust.”

You know what Zuck (and around 400 Facebook employees including PR rep Caryn Marooney) do take lightly, according to this comment thread on a Facebook internal network? The fact that the FTC ironically asks readers to “Like” them on Facebook at the bottom of the release statement outlining today’s Facebook settlement.

My favorite part of this? “This would make a great public post.” Be careful what you wish for.