SlideShare Details Its Own Exponential Growth In … An Infographic

SlideShare, the content sharing platform for business documents, videos, and presentations, has grown into a sizable platform. In 2008, SlideShare was but a simple app launched on LinkedIn to allow professionals to share slides and documents with their network. As SlideShare is designed as a sharing platform for the professional community, its collaboration with LinkedIn has made perfect sense from a strategy standpoint — and has helped it grow into the juggernaut it is today. The startup has continued to work with LinkedIn to add deeper integration into its platform, which Leena covered in depth back in June.

Today, SlideShare is apparently a force to be reckoned with, as the startup has created its first-ever infographic with the help of ColumnFive, which details its exponential growth. In fact, the graphic goes so far as to call SlideShare “The Quiet Giant Of Content Marketing”. What’s more, according to none other than SlideShare, SlideShare is now the largest professional content sharing community in the world. At 60 million unique visitors a month and 3 billion slides viewed per month, it has certainly attracted some traffic, and the hockeystick growth to be found in its visitors chart is impressive. LinkedIn, what say you?

But we think the most important take-away here is that 78 percent of SlideShare’s slideshows (PowerPoint presentations, slideshows, etc.) are under 30 slides, and the average number of slides is 19. So, when you’re building your next presentation that you want to go viral and to be shared with the world via SlideShare, make sure you keep it short. Otherwise, it’s a snooze fest, and we’ll all be throwing rotten vegetables at your slides.

Content marketing is growing, and SlideShare is certainly aiming to be a significant player in that growth. But is it worthy of being called “The Quiet Giant Of Content Marketing”? You tell us.

Infographic below: