TechCrunch Cribs: Iovox Is Rocking The Voice World, Literally [TCTV]

Iovox is a startup specialising in something known as VaaS (Voice as a Service). Their telephony platform allows companies to build services on the telephone network that do real-world, heavy-lifting style jobs which normally require call centres. Companies which have taken on the service include News International and many others.

I went over to their West London offices (yes, not all startups in London are in the East, incredibly), to check out the legendary guitar playing skills of CEO Ryan Gallagher in our TechCrunch Europe version of TC Cribs. Maybe next time we should do a duet.

Iovox’s latest product is an identity verification product CallSign. This is quite current, given the recent controversy with AirBnB being among those companies that failed to screen users very throughly.

CallSign contacts an account holder via an automated call and records the confirmation of any transaction or request. During the call, the user is identified by a set of security questions and can accept or reject the transaction, either with a simple 1 to confirm or even entering a full passport number. It’s ended up being used by the likes of Ebay, Livebookings and others.

Iovox is in Notting Hill, thusly henceforth this shall be known as “Silicon Hill”. Here endeth the lesson.