Quora Gains A Twitter/Facebook Growth Expert, Loses Top Engineer to Pinterest

Good news people who are really curious about Quora growth! You might one day be reading an article like this about Quora …

Because Quora has hired a former Twitter and Facebook guy, Andy Johns, to focus on user growth and engagement. Johns, who tweets under the apropos username @ibringtraffic, spent a year and four months at Twitter, two years at Facebook and is now taking his speciality to the fancy Q&A startup.

Quora has additionally hired Zynga’s Robert Matei to also focus on this mysterious growth thing, if you go by this (left) Instagram of his signature on some Quora hiring papers. Which you totally should.

You know who isn’t hiring a growth team, or at least doesn’t need to as far as we know? Budding self-expression engine Pinterest, who is apparently signing up a new user every second according to the rumor mill. Pinterest did however recently hire early Quora employee and Pinterest power user Tracy Chou, according to like her bio on every social network and this tweet.

Twitter, Facebook, Quora, Pinterest. Just add Spotify and Instagram and you’ve got just about every major startup I’m interested in.  So there you go.

Image via Robert Cezar