The Grand Central Apple Store Is “Arriving Soon”

Apple’s largest retail store is under construction in Grand Central Terminal in New York City. It takes up an entire mezzanine level at one end of the grand hall where there used to be a restaurant. Currently, the construction site is boxed up and draped in black, but today they added a large digital sign with lettering that flips just like the signs showing the latest trains and tracks above the ticket booths.

I took the picture above this morning, which says simply: “Apple Store, Grand Central. Arriving Soon.” It flipped through other messages as well, including one advertising the Store’s future personal pickup service.

The store was supposed to open in time for Black Friday, but now it looks like it won’t be ready until December 9. When it does open, it will be the largest Apple store in the world, with 23,000 square feet and 300 employees.