Microsoft Rebrands Bing Daily Deals To ‘MSN Offers’

Microsoft this morning blasted out an email to all subscribers of its Bing Daily Deals offering, informing users that the service will henceforth be known as ‘MSN Offers’. It’s a confusing move, but then Microsoft has a history of making confusing moves when it comes to naming and branding its products and services.

The company claims it didn’t want people to mix up the daily deals it offers with its Bing Deals service, which essentially aggregates daily deals from a range of third-party providers.

Microsoft also says aligning its own daily deals offering with MSN “seems to make good sense”.

Well, as long as we’re 100% sure about it …

Here’s the email that was sent to all Bing Daily Deals subscribers:

Hey Bing Daily Deals Subscribers,

Thanks for signing up to get the best offers around–we hope you’re living it up and exploring all the awesome stuff in your city!

We wanted to give you a heads up that Bing Daily Deals will soon be re-named MSN Offers.

It’s the same great set of values in your local area, but we wanted to clear up confusion between the Daily Deals you receive via email and the Bing Deals feature which aggregates daily deals from hundreds of providers at Moreover, better aligning Daily Deals with MSN, where you can go to find the best things going on in your local area, seems to make good sense.

You don’t need to do or change a thing. You’ll still be getting the same great deals, with the same account information.

Thanks again for subscribing, we hope you enjoy the new experience.

Daily Deals Team