As Google Music’s First Carrier Partner, T-Mobile Lets You Charge Tunes To Your Monthly Bill

We’d been wondering why T-Mobile was lurking about at Google’s Music event, and we’ve finally cleared things up: T-Mobile will be Google Music’s first carrier partner, allowing their subscribers to charge their track purchases directly to their monthly bill.

This isn’t the first time T-Mobile has been quick to have Google’s back; the world’s first Android phone, the G1, launched exclusively on T-Mobile’s shelves months before anyone else had an Android handset of their own.

They were also the first US carrier to support carrier billing for purchases made through the Android Market — an integration which today’s move obviously builds upon.

T-Mobile also claims that they’ll have a fair amount of Google Music content available exclusively for their subscribers — but outside of some free tracks from Drake and Maroon 5, they didn’t make many suggestions on what that might be. Don’t worry, though, non-T-Mo folks: you probably won’t be missing out on anything too crucial.