Eventbrite Makes Android Debut With “Easy Entry” Event Check-In App

Online ticketing service Eventbrite has had a busy year, what with raising $50 million in Series E funding and a potential IPO on the horizon. Now the company is entering some unfamiliar territory: it used to be that only iDevice owners could wirelessly check guests into conferences or big parties, but EventBrite has levelled that playing field today with the release of their new Easy Entry Android app.

The Android version of the Easy Entry app will seem very familiar for anyone who has used the iOS version before, but here’s a recap for everyone fortunate enough to have never worked at a check-in desk. Once the event is created in EventBrite, staff can log into the corresponding account and see a full list of attendees.

Eventbrite accounts are fine with giving multiple users access at any given time, so event coordinators can feel free to throw more manpower at the situation as long as they have enough hardware to go around.

The app allows users to check guests in with just a few taps, and also provides a running tally of people in attendance versus the number of tickets sold or given away. Want to streamline the process even more? Forget about touching and screen at all and fire up the app’s QR code reader — if guests have a printed ticket, all it takes to check them in is a quick pass over the barcode.

According to an Eventbrite rep, the app is used to handle more than 30,000 check-ins a week. If the Android-toting event coordinator in your life could use a helping hand, why not direct them toward the Android Market where Easy Entry can be had for free.