Eric Schmidt-Backed Slice Brings Receipt Aggregator And Tracking Service To The iPhone

Eric Schmidt-backed receipt tracking service Slice is debuting its first mobile app today. Slice for iPhone automatically tracks your shipments and gives you access to your online shopping history anytime via the mobile app.

Slice offers a Yahoo Mail and Gmail app that helps you organize your online shopping by analyzing your inbox. It’s sort of like what TripIt does for your itineraries, except Slice tracks receipts, notices and purchases.

Once you sign up, the app automatically aggregates and pulls information from the electronic receipts in your email and organizes it in one place. The startup says that receipts and purchases often gets lost in your inbox and the app consolidates your shopping history in one place so you don’t have to log into multiple websites, dig through receipts or manually file emails. Slice for the iPhone gives you access to all this information on the go.

For example, the app will track all your in-progress shipments on a single map as they make their way to your front door, with detailed information about the contents of the package and where it is coming from. Push notifications let you know when a purchase has shipped and when it gets delivered.

Since launching in May, Slice has processed more than 4 million purchases. As we enter the holiday shopping season, and there’s an influx of receipts arriving in consumers’ inboxes from online sites, Slice could be a useful tool to help parse through all of this information.

Slice faces competition from Lemon.