Bag Week 2011: The First Giveaway

First, if you find the concept of Bag Week appalling (looking at you, achshar), read no further. We want no truck with you. Second, here’s a free bag.

eBags is offering a free Mother Lode TLS Weekender Convertible backpack to one lucky reader. We haven’t had a hands on with this model, so we expect a full report from you once it arrives. However, that said, it looks pretty fancy and comes in multiple colors.

How do you win? Comment below excoriating us for running Bag Week and how horrible it makes you feel. Tell us what terrible people we are and extra points will be given for ad hominem attacks. Examples could include “I hate my current bag and find bag reviews useful, but John Biggs is an eggsucking dog” or “TechCrunch is really going downhill with all this talk of bags. I use the bag I got at Office Depot four years ago and, although it has caused a hernia and lumbar problems, I intend to use it until it falls apart. I don’t need to learn new information about bags! A pox on you and yours!”

I’ll pick a winner tomorrow at noon. Look for more great BW giveaways to come.