T-Mobile May Headline Google Music Event On Wednesday

Last week, we got an invite for a mysterious Google press event that’s being held in Los Angeles this Wednesday. The event didn’t give any details as to what we could expect, but it’s widely believed to feature the launch of an improved version of Google Music. And the invitation also contained another clue: an image of a warehouse that includes a small T-Mobile sign, among other things.

Now we’ve just received a second invitation — this time to “Experience The World of T-Mobile & Google”, complete with guest appearances by several big-name music artists: Drake, Maroon 5, Busta Rhymes, Dirty South, and R3HAB. This is obviously the after-party (it starts at 9PM, while the other invite is for 2PM). But the fact that T-Mobile is featured so prominently seems to indicate that it will play a major part in the news earlier in the day as well.

The other clue from the original invite: the event is going to be livestreamed via the Android YouTube Channel, which isn’t surprising given that tight Google Music integration is a key feature on Android. But perhaps T-Mobile has some more Android-related news on the way as well. A T-Mobile version of the Galaxy Nexus seems like a strong candidate.