DataSift Founder Passes CEO Torch On To Former SimpleGeo VP Rob Bailey

Nick Halstead, who founded ‘big data’ startup DataSift, has decided to step down as chief executive officer as the company gears up for its official launch later this week.

Halstead will become DataSift’s CTO, and the role of CEO will go to Rob Bailey, a former Yahoo bizdev exec who most recently served as VP of Business Development at SimpleGeo, which was just acquired by Urban Airship.

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Halstead explains his decision to step down as CEO and transition to the role of CTO thusly:

This will put me back in my sweet spot that I have spent most of my career. That is looking at the future and working out how we can build what is needed in a few years time. Rob and I have been working together for several months and I am confident that he can lead DataSift to follow the vision that I have laid out.

Why are we making this change? I want to do more of what I love—coding and building products.

It’s a fairly uncommon move to make, especially this close to a company’s official debut (DataSift will launch publicly next Wednesday), but in this case a perfectly understandable one. Read more.

Although not reflected in his LinkedIn profile, we gather that Bailey has headed up DataSift’s US operations for a few months now. They will be opening a San Francisco office soon.

(Photo courtesy of loiclemeur on Flickr)