What Should You Drink While Listening To Your Favorite Music? Ask Drinkify.

When it comes to music and drinking, these activities are best enjoyed in the company of others — hopefully friends. But, when combining music and libations, it’s not always easy to know just what kind of drink should be sipped while listening to your favorite Barry White tunes. Courvoisier? Personally, I prefer a Fresca for music of every single stripe, but people want choice, and they want to match the best of both music and spirits.

Last weekend, The Echo Nest, the music intelligence company that connects app developers to music and music data, organized a “hackday” in Boston for developers, coders, and hacking supastars. The weekend produced a number of cool products, but I thought one in particular was worth sharing to get this weekend (or any weekend for that matter) off on the right foot. Drinkify is a new site that, simply put, tells you what to drink while you’re listening to your favorite muzak.