Keen On… The Three Cardinal Rules for Startup Entrepreneurs (Learn These and You’ll Become a Billionaire)

As the co-founder of Priceline, serial entrepreneur Scott Case is a natural startup guy. Indeed, his fever for startups is so intense that he is now CEO of StartUp America Partnership, a “movement of entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs” designed to inspire young companies with expertise, capital and talent.

Case gave an inspirational keynote at last week’s Fast Company’s Innovation Uncensored event in San Francisco, where he revealed his three rules for startup entrepreneurs. And after his talk, he was generous enough to list these rules to me on camera, as well as show off his colorful footwear and explain how America can once again become a startup nation.

This interview is part of a week-long series from Innovation Uncensored. Check out earlier interviews such as my conversation with Virgin America CEO David Cush. Still to come in the series is a particularly lively conversation with Seth Priebatsch, Chief Ninja of SCVNGR, who explains to me why his $50 billion market is so cool.