Movable Ink Launches Service To Stream Live Content In Emails

Real-time email marketing company Movable Ink recently launched a service that could dynamically change emails after they have been sent out. The technology can change emails based on time of open, recipient’s current location, social cues, fast-moving inventory, and more, and works across all email clients (Gmail, Outlook, iPhone, Yahoo, etc.)

Today, the startup is taking this technology a step further with the launch of the Movable Ink Streaming Server, a service that allows businesses to stream live content into emails while they are open.

The company says that the technology is not just an animated gif as it is pulling live content from the web when the email is opened. And the recipient does not have to download special software or use a specific email client. Check out the video below to see a demo of what a live streaming email would look like.

The possible use cases for the Streaming Server technology seem endless. For example, you could receive an email from a stock tracking site and seeing your stock prices move up and down as the market hits. Or a flash sales/retail site could show which products are selling out right now. And a news site could show streaming Tweets as news is breaking in real-time.

The startup says the technology will be available via its premium product plan.

Movable Ink has raised $1.3 million from Contour Ventures, Metamorphic Ventures, ff Ventures, Kima Ventures, Joshua Baer, Bob Pittman, Andy Russell, and Alan Laifer.