YouMail Hits 3 Million Downloads, Gets Backed By CrunchFund And Tech Coast Angels

It’s kind of hard to believe: even 4 years after the launch of the iPhone, visual voicemail still isn’t ubiquitous.

That’s where YouMail comes in. Filling in the gaps where most platforms fall short, YouMail brings visual voicemail (and myriad other features, like visual caller ID and smart greetings) to BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, and Android.

Come Wednesday morning, YouMail will be making two landmark announcements: they’ve surpassed 3 million downloads, and have nabbed a small round of funding from the Tech Coast Angels ACE Fund and Michael Arrington’s CrunchFund.

The funding round isn’t the largest YouMail has ever pulled, but is presumably as much about bringing certain investors on board as it is about the funding itself. YouMail raised $4M in a Series B back in July of this year, bringing their total funding up to around $12.5M. With this latest addition, the company says their total investment raised is “nearly $13 million” — in other words, this round comes it at around $400k between the two investors.

Update: Pinned down a more exact number. Sounds like it was $355k between the two.

For the sake of full disclosure (though, presumably, most reading this are already well aware): one of the investment groups mentioned here, CrunchFund, was started by TechCrunch Founder Michael Arrington shortly before everything went crazy.