Keen On … How Steve Jobs Changed Our World (TCTV)

Back in 2000, in the prehistoric age before the iPod, the iPhone or the iPad, the noted technology journalist Alan Deutschman wrote a very well received biography entitled The Second Coming of Steve Jobs. And now, more than a decade later, Deutschman is back on the Jobs circuit and has just authored what he calls an e-slice essay entitled How Steve Jobs Changed Our World.

Jobs changed our world twice, Deutschman told me when I caught up with him on Skype. First of all, he revitalized American business in the dark days of the early 80’s, Deutschman explained, seizing back the mantle of innovation from Japanese companies like Sony and even reviving the ideal of the American manufacturing industry.  Most of all, Deutschman told me, Steve Jobs changed American industry after 2000 by first grasping and then realizing the idea of what he calls “digital lifestyle” and design.

There is something very bittersweet about Deutschman’s analysis. Yes, he’s right that Jobs was a revivalist – saving American industry on at least two occasions. And yet, today, when American industry is at an even lower ebb than in the early 80’s, Jobs is gone, lost forever, just when we need him most.

This is the first part of a two part interview with Deutschman. Check back tomorrow to find out “Why Steve Jobs Matters”.