Disney-ABC Signs Streaming Deals With Amazon And Netflix

Mark one up for Amazon…and mark one up for Netflix.

The two companies just announced separate streaming deals with the Walt Disney Co. that will provide subscribers with even more content from Mickey & Co. Under these agreements, both streaming services will see even more Disney/ABC content, expanding their respective libraries with current and past TV programming.

The Netflix deal allows the company continued access to hundreds of episodes. It also adds episodes from Switched at Birth, prior season episodes of Kick Buttowski, and Alias in its entirety. If this deal had failed to be signed, such titles as Lost, Brothers & Sisters, & Grey’s Anatomy would have disappeared from Netflix’s lineup, potentially signing the death notice for the company. The bad press alone might had done it.

The deal inked by Amazon and Disney adds 800 titles to its Prime Instant Video lineup. The content is sourced from ABC Studio, The Disney Channel, ABC Family, and Marvel including Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, Phineas & Ferb and Marvel’s X-Men Evolution. This deal comes just weeks after a major deals with FOX and CBS. The additional content put’s Amazon’s library of instant streaming video at 13,000 TV shows and movies, a fact that Amazon is proudly proclaiming on its front page today.

Financial terms were not released for either deal.

These streaming deals are increasing becoming important as both services attempt to bolster its library. Netflix, in a free fall, needs the deals to hold on to subscribers while Amazon is attempting to kick out a foothold. Amazon’s library is still less than that of Netflix’s, but is on a tear lately, seemingly signing on content providers at a rapid pace. The two company’s are currently in a heated footrace, but this isn’t a sprint.