They know what you like – Cognitive Match teams up for real-time targeted advertising

Targeted advertising goes real-time: Onsite targeting solutions provider Cognitive Match has teamed up with independent advertising technology company Adnetik to increase the effectiveness of online campaigns.

The partnership builds on Adnetik’s Audience Investment Management (AIM) system for display advertising and enhances its capabilities through combination with Dynamic Creative Targeting™. While AIM helps advertisers to buy targeted display ads on an impression by impression basis, this collaboration places the solution in a real-time environment. It provides a dynamic creative solution that is capable of targeting different elements of creative for each user. The goal is to maximise user engagement and increase the effectiveness of online campaigns.

Adnetik and Cognitive Match join forces only a week after Cognitive Match announced the integration of eXelate‘s audience data in its solutions to improve content targeting. Both partnerships are pretty big leaps towards optimizing the advertising experience for customers online. In other words, towards making advertising relevant to you. It’s a win-win for the more interested customer and the advertiser expecting more engagement and conversion.

As Cognitive Match CEO Alex Kelleher puts it, “every stage of the campaign lifecycle is now optimized.” Marketers are able to both successfully target the right audience profile with their display ad campaigns and to do it with the right creative at the right time, thanks to the real-time environment the technology allows.

Cognitive Match is providing Dynamic Creative Targeting™ in display ads and online content to clients such as Financial Times, Steve Madden and, since recently, Cancer Research UK, who rolled out personalized landing pages to target cancer-related content to each visitor based on their predictive data. The solution engaged visitors to stay on the site and more than doubled donations for some search terms.