Hitpost’s Sports+ iPad App Allows Fans To Follow Crowd-Powered Sports Coverage

Sports+ (formerly Hitpost) has launched a new iPad app for sports fans that features socially-powered feeds for every league, team and player you care to follow. These feeds include latest news, crowd-generated stories, and polls.

Hitpost’s apps allow you to follow your teams, players and leagues to get a comprehensive view into photos, Tweets, user-uploaded reports and news coming out of an organization. Currently Sports+ has 250,000 mobile users on its iPhone and Android apps.

The iPad app’s Feeds are updated 24-7 by these users, and the feed also includes crowd-curated news and blog posts from sports writers, and tweets from professional athletes. The iPhone and Android apps also allow users to make and share their own sports poll using a live professional sideline photo.

Sports+’s apps have seen a high rate of growth recently. The app’s usage grew 300% last month, and 2 out of 3 new mobile users use the app again the next day. Hitpost is backed by a number of high-profile angels and investors including Keith Rabois, Shervin Pishevar, Naval Ravikant, Khosla Ventures and RRE Ventures.