Video: Watch The Nokia N9 Take Shape

It isn’t everyday that we’re afforded a look at what goes into making our favorite phones, but a new video from Nokia shows us how exactly their gorgeous unibody N9 handsets are made.

Despite how you may feel about the dead-end software it’s got running the show, there’s little question that the N9 is a visually striking phone. I’m a real sucker for a good looking device, and Nokia’s N9 is sitting pretty at the top of my list — it’s got a bit of iPod nano in it (even down to the color scheme) but I think it’s a clean premium-looking design that just works.

It’s sort of a shame then that Nokia used a design like this for a phone that few people will ever buy. There’s still hope though: Nokia World is just around the corner, and with any luck the N9-esque Nokia 800/SeaRay Windows Phone will steal the show by marrying a phenomenal design with a true contender of an OS.