No more missing out – MoviePilot lets fans follow only upcoming films

One of the annoying things about the movie industry is that if you blink while the promotion for a new release is on – about 48 hours in marketing terms – you effectively miss the launch. It’s a bizarre scenario that much of this marketing dollars are spent in inly a few days before a new film hits the screens are are aimed at the ‘first weekender’ fans. But many people – myself included – follow actors and their IMDB profiles to see what is ‘to be released’. So there’s a behaviour there industry is just not capitalising one.

Stepforward today MoviePilot. This new recommendation and discovery platform brings upcoming films to fans based on their taste. That twists the old marketing model on its head and makes the whole process much more efficient.

Already claiming to be the largest movie community in Germany via its existing recommendation portal, it’s already garnered more than five million fans on its Facebook app.

As a recommendation service, Moviepilot focuses solely on upcoming movie projects and TV shows says Tobias Bauckhage, Moviepilot’s founder and CEO. That’s handy as it means fans are less likely to miss new releases.

Fans can sign into using their Facebook login and immediately get personalised movie recommendations based on their social networking activity on Facebook, for example what they ‘Like’.

Disney, Universal and Paramount have been working with the German version of since its launch in 2007.

Moviepilot was founded by filmmakers Tobias Bauckhage and Jon Handschin (CPO), as well as former OMDB founder Benjamin Krause (CTO). The company is based in Berlin, Germany and has received funding from Grazia Equity, Passion Capital’s Stefan Glanzer and Deutsche Telekom Ventures, as well as Peter Read, who previously ran Nielsen Entertainment for the movie studios in Los Angeles.