Engadget Hooks Up With gdgt To Power Its Product Modules

According to a tipster, social product review site gdgt will be expanding its embeddable widget offerings, which have previously included Time’s Techland blog, to a more massive scale on our sister AOL site, Engadget. A screencap of how the integration will work, above.

Like TechCrunch’s Crunchbase, gdgt will be syndicating its crowdsourced product data, user review data, Q&A and discussions across related Engadget content. In return gdgt will benefit from the exposure to Engadget’s formidable readership.

The two sites apparently have been working on this partnership for a while, made even more notable by the fact that gdgt founder Ryan Block was Editor in Chief of Engadget before he left Aol to do his own thing, as people are wont to do. The product is expected to be unveiled officially sometime in November.

GDGT has $3.72 million in funding from True Ventures, betaworks, Spark Capital, AOL Ventures, and others.