Bill Gross On How He Will Avoid Stepping On The Giants’ Toes

Earlier this week, Bill Gross launched a new mobile app and website called at the Web 2.0 Summit. I dragged Gross in front of our cameras in teh hallway, where he gave me a demo and sat down for an interview. “The goal of is to make an interest network,” he tells me in the video above.

The whole point of is to help filter all the noise in social networks. It does this by letting you follow not only people, but also interests, and sort your stream by topic. Reading everything in reverse chronology has its limitations. “The problem with time-descending,” says Gross, “is that it won’t always bring the most relevant things to the top.”

In the video below, I argue it is inevitable that other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter will have to add an interest layer at some point as well. How will he avoid stepping on their toes? Gross has experience dancing with Twitter, which has shut off access to his company, UberMedia, and ended up outbidding him for Tweetdeck.

As you will see in the video, Gross is not too worried.