More Than A Million People Pay Tribute To Jobs At “Remembering Steve” Page

Exactly two weeks after the death of Steve Jobs, Apple closed its store doors for a few hours today in remembrance of its fearless co-founder and leader.

Perhaps more poignantly, Apple has set up a very simple “Remembering Steve” web page, where you can view the tributes sent to in streaming format. According to Apple over a million written homages were collected in the past fourteen days.

If that number seems like a lot, consider how many people own and love Apple products … Just a few that crossed my path while I was watching the page, below.

“I was strictly a PC guy five short years ago, but because of Steve Jobs’ tireless efforts, innovative vision, and commitment to bringing the best technology to the forefront, he converted me to the Apple ranks. Hoping his legacy lives on and on.”

“I am 25 years old. I feel like a person in the 60’s with Marilyn Monroe or John F. Kennedy. They are people you never met felt so close too. Seeing apple produce and revolutionize the technology industry and seeing steve jobs lead it all you almost have a connection with him. For 6 years I have been watching the keynote presentations with steve on stage. It is so sad that inspirers will not seeing him on stage anymore and be apart of apple. He will be truly missed. But what a legacy he leaves behind. What a legacy.?”

“Dear Steve, Thank you for all that you brought into this world, you not only changed the way we use our computers, but the way we see life. I will stay hungry and foolish for as long as I live, and someday we’ll meet up there. Thank you for being in our lives. You will always be remembered and loved.”

“don’t really notice how much steve has had an effect on all of us until you stop to think about it. until you unlock your iPhone or open your macbook or boot up your iMac. i don’t just use apple products because they work so well or are flawless in design, i use apple products because steve got it.”