Here Comes The Modern Warfare 3 Gear: Logitech Outs MW3 G105 Keyboard And G9X Gaming Mouse

Collect all the things! Logitech’s latest venture involves slapping Modern Warfare 3 logos on their wares and selling them at the same price. Yep, you can show your FPS allegiance without paying a silly premium. The upcoming MW3 G105 gaming keyboard and G9X gaming mouse will cost the same as their standard counterparts. A move that is consumer-friendly and, at the same time, rather scary.

The G105 gaming keyboard hits with backlit keys, anti-ghosting technology, and six so-called G buttons for macro commands. The G9x gaming mouse isn’t exactly new. This mouse is a staple of Logitech’s gaming offering with interchangeable grips, swappable weights and on-board memory. The G105 is available now for $79.99 while the G9x should hit stores early next month. These prices are surprisingly the same as the standard version, which states that Logitech is walking a dangerous path. It’s hard to turn back once you journey down the road of sponsorship. Here’s hoping that this MW3 gear is a one-off thing and Logitech isn’t planning anymore. The last thing I want to see from Logitech is mice with NHL logos and Sesame Street keyboards.