Padfone, The Most Unintentionally Funny Product Launch Ever

Sure this Padfone thing (yes it’s real) happened in May, but I just saw it and can’t stop laughing and can’t focus on the other thing I was writing so I am posting it here to get it out of my system, Arrington-style.

Asus‘ attempt to circumvent the innovator’s dilemma by Frankensteining two Apple products, punctuated by the “BREAK THE RULES” and “INNOVATION BEYOND EXPECTATIONS” graphics, has me rolling on the floor laughing my ass off.

Way to go Asus, between “Is this a Pad or a Phone in a Pad?” and “Who’s calling me? Whoah,” I am speechless.


Wired Senior Editor Bill Wasik mused earlier, “We need a term for cultural products that are (a) not joking but (b) someone involved in their creation clearly is.” Okay, will the stoner at Asus responsible for this please fess up in the comments?

Update: In case anyone was confused as to where Padfone fits into the grand scheme of things, the folks over at Digital Inspiration have created this handy Venn Diagram.