Motorola Reveals NFC-Packing ELITE Bluetooth Headsets

Motorola has pulled back the curtains on the ELITE Silver and the ELITE Flip, a new pair of Bluetooth headsets that pack a few novel goodies into some odd-looking packages.

Both headsets, for example, are fully compatible with your NFC-capable phone (you do have one, right?). Say goodbye to fiddling with your Bluetooth menu, as all it takes to pair is a quick tap.

They also pack support for Motorola’s Android-only My MOTOSpeak app, so the road-warriors among you will have quick access to your messages and apps while on the run.

The ELITE Silver looks unlike any other Motorola headset I’ve seen in years. If anything, it almost looks like Motorola has cribbed a few design notes from the Plantronics Voyager Pro, except they’ve excluded the fantastic boom mic. Motorola also claims that the ELITE Silver is capable of roaming much farther than your standard headset: up to 300 feet, instead of the usual 30 or so.

The Silver’s battery life is rated at a scant 5 hours, but it ships with a special case that charges the headset when you stow it. Other than that, it packs the usual A2DP streaming and Motorola’s dual-mic noise cancellation.

The ELITE Flip is far and away the less exciting of the two. Motorola has been using and tweaking their flip-open headsets for a long time now, and the Flip doesn’t bring much new to the table. It features the same audio streaming and noise cancellation functionality as its brother, but squeezes it all into a slightly more conventional package. At the very least it wins on battery life: users can expect 6 hours of talk time out of the gate.

If either the ELITE Silver or ELITE Flip have somehow struck your fancy, you can pick them up for $129 and $99 respectively come October 24.