With A New Platform And Multi-Browser Support, exfm Turns The Web Into Your Social Music Library

There’s a lot of free, legal music working its way across the world wide web, and there are more than a few ways to access it. Which is terrific, but there are still quite a few paint points out there for we digital music listeners. How many times, for example do you listen to a song, recognize it, but forget who the artist is? Shazam addressed that problem by building a mobile app that lets you play the song in question and get a quick identification. Now, what about when you’re browsing the Web, a music blog, or a site that has a cool song embedded, you hear a song you love, but life gets in the way, and an hour later you’ve forgotten not only the name of the song but where you heard it?

That’s why the geeky team at exfm (formerly Extension Entertainment) built a browser extension for Chrome that turns the Web into your music library by running silently in the background and indexing every MP3 file you stumble across. Exfm continues to check the sites you’ve visited, automatically building a library for you of songs you can throw away or turn into playlists.

Exfm started as a Chrome extension and in June launched an iPhone app that brought its music-aggregating experience to mobile. This was a great addition, but not everyone has an iPhone or loves Google’s browser. So, this weekend the staratup rounded out its service by not only launching a redesigned extension for Chrome, but a full-feature web platform as well as extensions for Firefox and Safari.

Oh, and the team also launched an embeddable site player that allows site owners to get easy playback of MP3s, whether those be Soundcloud or Bandcamp tracks, on platforms like Tumblr, WordPress, and Blogger-run sites — and even mobile on iPhone and Android.

Exfm was built to be a social music application as well, and the service had previously given users the ability to tag the songs they’re listening to and share those with their friends, view a feed on songs from the people you follow on exfm and social networks, and more. This functionality remains, but with its new web platform, exfm has added an “Explore” section, which lets users access the so-called “Tastemakers” feed as well as a “Monthly Mixtape” to see what the experts are listening to and recommending, and visit sites of the day. Sites like Spinner, MTV Hive, and I Guess I’m Floating, for example, provide expert tastemaker musical recommendations.

Users can now also browse music by genre or discover new artists through features like the “Album of the Week” tab or a trending section for seeing what’s popular in realtime.

According to exfm Founder and CEO Dan Kantor, exfm accounts now have access to over 20 million songs, and the service counts over 60,000 users on its platforms. And back in April, exfm raised $750K from Spark Capital, Founder Collective, and more to bring its total funding to $1.25 million.

And for those keeping track, exfm has changed the songs that a user “Notes” in their library to “Loves”, just to make sure there’s no confusion. As Luther Ingram said, “you have to give love to get love”.

With an Android app on the way, Exfm is definitely becoming a terrific multi-platform, multi-browser, social resource for collecting and sharing the Web’s pervasive free music. Perhaps why the site was nominated for an MTVO award?

Now if only they would add indexing for all that embedded YouTube and video content, I’d probably never leave.

Check out the new exfm at home here and let us know what you think.