Remove The Special Offers From Your New Kindle — For A Price

Kindle buyers no longer have to decide at point of purchase if they want to forever look at advertisements on their Kindle. The fourth-generation Kindles, announced last week, allows buyers to remove the so-called Special Offers for $30. That’s the same premium Amazon charges up front for the normal, ad-free Kindle. This is smart.

The remove process isn’t complicated or hidden. On your Amazon account page, navigate to the “Manage Your Kindle”, click “Manage Your Devices” and then selection the option to unsubscribe from Special Offers. From there, you’ll be charged $30 to remove the honestly unobtrusive ads.

This is reportedly only available on the new keyboard-less Kindles and likely on the upcoming Touch model. Previous generation Special Offer Kindles will live out the rest of their days with advertisements (unless you Google on how to remove them).

This move makes the Special Offers Kindles look even more tempting. They of course feature a lower cost of admission without locking consumers into ads forever. Amazon doesn’t lose anything in the process. If anything, it gets Amazon’s ad units in front of more eyes and makes the company looks rather charitable by not charging extra for their removal. Expect this feature to be heavily advertised in the future as it suddenly makes the subsidized Kindles more marketable and sexy.