“Access Denied”: Apple.com Goes Down Post-iPhone 4S Event

In case you were nowhere near Twitter for the past twenty-five minutes or so — where “access denied” is now trending — Apple.com has been going down and then back up, down and then back up for gasp almost a half hour, showing the above error message.

No one is quite sure why the site went down (according to one source familiar with the matter, it is possibly a hack attempt) but I’m sure the millions of geeks hitting refresh with bated breath isn’t helping.

Update: A Whois lookup via Carlos Granier¬†shows that there is indeed something¬†fishy going on with Apple’s DNS. But it’s not clear whether that is due to hackers or DNS spammers.

Update 2: Looks like it is DNS spammers responsible for the wonky Whois lookup — my above source was looking at the same thing. The issues might just be plain old server problems — boring, I know.