The Joby GorillaPod Micro Is The Always-On Tripod You’ve Always Wanted

The Joby GorillaPod Micro takes the weak link out of using a tripod: You and me. Tripods, even tabletop modes, are infinitely useful but they’re also clumsy and often just something else to carry. Not the Micro 250. This diminutive model is designed to stay on your camera and deploy when needed. Three legs stay neatly together but can be quickly flipped open, providing stability and convenience at the first sign of trouble. There’s even a small ball head built within the Micro models that allows for 36 degrees of rotation.

The Micro 250 and Micro 800 are both available for pre-ordering $19.99 and $29.99, respectively. The only difference between the two is the weight they can support: the Micro 250 is good for small pocket cameras while the 800 can support up to 800g rather than 250g. (get it? Micro 800 can support 800g.)

The two models join the rest of Joby’s innovative (and growing) line of unique tripods. The company started off with just the Gorillapod, but steady added additional models over the years. The Micro line forgoes Joby’s traditional flexible arms, but is no less novel. This is the first tripod I seriously want.