Untappd Takes Their Social Beer Service To iOS, Android

The beer fanatics at Untappd are at it again. Their web app has been letting users share their brews of choice since 2010, but the company has just announced that they have released a pair of native apps for iOS and Android in time for the weekend.

According to the company’s blog, they’re big fans of the mobile web, but “there does come a time when you reach the limitations of the mobile web and have to move to a native platform.” Understandable. Though functional, the web app only lets you work with certain parts of the Untappd service, like checking in your brew and searching for similar beers.

The new apps add some much-needed mobile functionality into the mix. Users can now upload their bar photos on the fly, and all of your friends’ smarmy beer judgments will route to the new notification center.

One of the biggest improvements as far as the user experience goes is the bump in speed — navigating within the app seems much faster because you’re not left sitting there waiting for a mobile webpage to reload. It’s bound to come in handy when you end up in a dive bar where your cell service is as iffy as the local boozehound’s liver.

The apps are free, and ready to download in Apple’s App Store and the Android Market. Just be sure to check-in responsibly, alright?