Famigo Wants To Help Families Discover Kid-Friendly Mobile Apps

For many families, finding the best kid-friendly apps among the million plus apps in the Apple App Store and Android Market can be daunting. Enter Famigo, an app directory and curation platform that helps families find games, e-books and other apps that are appropriate for kids. Families can now use Family App Review to discover, select and share favorite apps for both the Apple iOS and Android mobile platforms.

Basically, Famigo not only provides an app directory but also surfaces the best apps for Apple or Android across a variety of family-focused categories, such as the best games by age group and more. Parents can also sign up to receive a weekly email that recommends the best apps for their platform of choice, iOS or Android, tailored to their family’s needs. Users can also refine searches by excluding features such as advertising, profanity, violence and in-app purchases.

Famigo also claims that each app that is recommended have been tested by an internal review team. App ratings are determined by a team of internal reviewers who score apps according to topics such as “Ease of Use,” “Educational Value,” “Entertainment” and “Family Usefulness.”

Of course, there are a number of other app discovery platforms that curate content for families, such as Appolicious.

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