Vostu Debuts Golmania, A Multi-Player Soccer Game For Orkut And Facebook

Brazilian social gaming company Vostu is unveiling its first title that mixes casual gaming with social gaming, Golmania. The multi-player soccer game will launch on Orkut and Facebook in English, Spanish and Portuguese

For background, Vostu is one of the largest social gaming companies in Brazil. The gaming company, which now has more than 35 million users, was founded in 2007 by three Harvard classmates: CEO Daniel Kafie, chief scientist Mario Schlosser, and Joshua Kushner (who is also an active seed investor through Thrive Capital). Vostu is backed by Tiger Management, Accel Partners, Intel Capital and General Catalyst. The company has also been embroiled in a nasty lawsuit with social gaming giant Zynga.

In GolMania, players face off in real-time soccer matches powered by Vostu’s multi-player engine. The game takes the player on a tour of the world’s most famous stadiums, each of which unlocks new environments, game play and soccer tricks. It features a a faster game environment (almost arcade-style) and is aimed at both men and women and soccer beginners and experts.

In terms of social features, players can square off on the soccer field, but cooperate with friends off the pitch to gain energy and money, build out their teams and unlock stadiums. Players cna also unlock soccer tricks and stunts, including the ability to score through flying headers and bicycle kicks, argue with the ref, and tackle players without fearing a red card.

Similar to Vostu’s other games, users can play Vostu titles across several social networks. For example, users play directly inside of Facebook with their Windows Messenger friends and can send gifts and cooperate on their games across the boundaries of the social networks. The gaming company is also partnering with brands for the launch of Golmania. For example, Pepsi will be a launch sponsor of the Portuguese version.

Vostu actually recently acquired MP Game Studio and GolMania is the first Vostu game that the MP team worked on helped combine their experience with casual games with Vostu’s experience with social games.

Later this fall, Vostu will launch its first fantasy game. And you can expect three more games from the gaming company before the end of the year.