Amazon Tacitly Confirms The “Kindle Fire” On Their Website

It won’t be long now before Amazon kicks off their big press conference, where the much-awaited Kindle tablet is rumored to make its first public appearance. We’ve learned recently that Amazon will be calling it the Kindle Fire, and the company seems to have quietly confirmed the name on their website.

Let’s try something here: punch “” into your address bar, and you’ll be redirected to the company’s food and grocery selection. Likewise, “” takes you to their virtual equivalent of a department store. Take a wild guess as to where “” leads you.

Yep, the “kindlefire” subdomain redirects you to the Kindle store. Coincidence? I very much doubt it — normally, tacking anything onto the end of the URL takes you straight to an error page, and other Amazon-owned Kindle names similarly lead to a dead end. Take for example — Amazon registered the domain name in late August, but leads to an error page.

The issue of the domain name also seems to have been squared away: Domain Name Wire reports that Amazon has recently purchased the domain name from its original owner. At time of writing, the URL leads nowhere, but expect that to change shortly.

We’ll have more details when the press conference kicks off at 10 AM, but keep your eyes peeled on the Kindle Fire page: something interesting is likely to pop up before too long.

UPDATE: Our live blog of the event is getting ready to start, so feel free to mosey on over and see what Amazon is up to.