Loopt Teams With Virgin America To Bring Check-In Deals To SFO

Location-based service Loopt is getting some nice promotion for the next three months, courtesy of San Francisco’s International Airport and Virgin America. And it might make your trip to the airport a bit less expensive.

Beginning this week, travelers going through SFO’s new Terminal 2 will be able to check-in on Loopt to receive an offer from one of six businesses located within the terminal, including Kiehl’s and Natalie’s Candy Jar — as well as hefty discounts from Virgin America itself. The difference between this and most other check-in based offers is that the deal you receive is chosen randomly from one of these merchants (you just need to check-in at Terminal 2).

The promotion is being coordinated by Virgin America and Loopt, but travelers flying on American (which is also based in Terminal 2 at SFO) will be able to score the check-in deals as well. Each of the participating merchants is deciding what they want to give away, and while some merchants in the terminal aren’t participating, Loopt says that they may well jump on board in the coming weeks.

The catch? After installing and signing up for Loopt, you’ll need to watch a clip called ‘A Day in the Life of SFO’s T2’ before you can see which offer you’ve received. It runs nearly three minutes long (which seems pretty hefty) and you have to watch the whole thing. But the video itself is well done, so it’s not a painful experience… provided you aren’t late for a flight. If nothing else, it’s the first time I’ve ever watched a commercial for an airport terminal.

Loopt is going to be promoted to travelers through a variety of ways in the terminals: each of the businesses giving out deals will feature a sign, and the terminal itself will feature screens telling people to install the app and check-in.