Getcher Facebook Timeline WordPress Theme Here

Can’t get enough of that Facebook Timeline? Want to copy it wholesale in your own WordPress blog? Do you want to support an “Italian boy” named Julian? I bet you do.

We just got this excellent tip from Julian describing the process by which he created this very own theme, the aptly-named “Timeline-wp.” He wants no beef with Facebook and, while I find the adoption of an established megacompany’s brand and image slightly unbecoming and/or dangerous even for a private blog (and a bit shortsighted as Facebook will probably tear this design up by the time the next f8 rolls around), you can download and install the theme today at no cost to you.

My name is Julian, I’m a Italian boy, a freelance web designer.

I attended the conference and after seeing the new profile page, I lost time has been the theme I developed thanks to the power of WordPress.

My mission is to understand how powerful wordpress, many think it is a CMS only for blogs, but it is not.

I had actually thought about creating a paid version, but I think will be only free for to experiment and study the layout and the CMS.

I do not want to have problems with copy Facebook =D

I’m trying to contact Marc or marketing area to try to make me give a green light to release the theme.

I am very happy to have been mentioned on several blogs in spain, france and england, this is enough for me.

In all honesty, Julian is quite earnest and charming in his pitch and I’m more than willing to share his good news with you all. After all, how do we learn if not by copying the masters. Julian, you see, is standing on the shoulders of giants and some day, maybe, this copy will net him an interview with Facebook where they all laugh heartily at his youthful shenanigans and then hire him to run a bank of servers.