Poll: Which Will Be The Stronger Brand, Netflix Or Blockbuster?

Blockbuster is back. Today it is expected to launch a new streaming video service to take on Netflix. Blockbuster was bought out of bankruptcy by Dish Network for $230 million last April and everybody, including Netflix, has been waiting for it to fully enter the digital age with an all-you-can-eat streaming video service.

We will learn later today exactly how Blockbuster plans to compete. The fight should be interesting. Both Blockbuster and Netflix have well-established brands. However, Blockbuster’s brand is more associated these days with shuttered and empty stores. Can a relaunch restore the shine to its tarnished brand?

Meanwhile, Netflix is having its own brand challenges. Its recent price hike for some customers, followed by its announcement that it will split off its DVD-only business into the poorly-named Qwikster is alienating many of its customers. Still, it has the advantage here with more than 20 million subscribers paying for streaming (half of which are streaming-only subscribers). Relatively speaking, in the U.S. we are still at the very early stages of adoption for streaming full-length TV shows and movies. Which brand is better positioned? Take the poll below.