Amazon To Hold Press Conference on 9/28, New Tablet Incoming?

Word of an Amazon press conference slated for September 28 at 10 AM is making the rounds. Could the fabled Amazon tablet make its first appearance?

If so, then the invitation does a great job of playing it cool. Aside from a mention of the time and date, it offers little else to chew on. That hasn’t stopped speculation from running wild, and the potential unveiling of their new tablet is on everyone’s mind.

Let’s let cooler heads prevail for a moment: while likely big, it may not necessarily be their much-vaunted Android tablet. The press conference could be used to announce any number of things, from a new version of the Kindle to a national rollout of their 7-11 delivery lockers.

That said, the announcement of a tablet couldn’t come at more perfect time for Amazon: news of Barnes and Noble’s new complement of Nook Color tablets has just begun to surface, and their 3rd generation Kindles can’t stack up to shiny new hardware when the holiday season rolls around. Recent reports from Gartner also indicate that if uncontested, the iPad will rule the tablet roost for the next few years. The timing and the landscape seem ready for a tablet contender with Amazon’s full weight thrown behind it.

When our own MG Siegler got a chance to play with the tablet, he discovered a few tantalizing tidbits. A 7-inch WiFi model is slated to sell for $250, and it’s going to run a very-Amazon centric fork of Android. It looks to be a compelling package of price and functionality, and hopefully we’ll catch our first official glimpse of it come the 28th.

This is a developing story, stay tuned for updates.