AdRise Launches Ad Platform For Connected TVs And Devices

AdRise is launching today as an advertising platform for connected devices and TVs. AdRise is a real-time bidding platform that allowing advertisers to reach audiences via Internet-connected TVs, and publishers to earn ad revenue.

AdRise says that because a billion connected TV sets will be sold by 2015, and more than 50% of Netflix usage is on connected devices, there’s a huge opportunity to create an ad network that serves these devices. 

For publishers, adRise’s SDKs integrates into all major connected device platforms, including Roku, Google TV, Yahoo TV, game consoles and other platforms. For advertisers, adRise claims to targets TV viewers with web analytics accuracy, and offers create interactive and HTML5 ads formats.

Founder Farhad Massoudi, who compared AdRise to the AdMob for TV advertising, 
believes that this will be a fast-growing platform. He explains”connected TV advertising is holy grail of advertising.” In private beta, AdRise has doubled impressions in past three months every month. The company has raised funding but is not disclosing the funding or investors.