Zynga To Debut New, 3D Version Of Facebook Game Mafia Wars

After launching new title Adventure World on Facebook, social gaming giant Zynga is revealing details about its next Facebook game—Mafia Wars 2. You can watch the trailer below.

Originally launched 2008, Mafia Wars allows players to build their virtual criminal empires by collaborating with their friends to complete crime jobs, fight and rob other Mafia crews, run underground businesses and purchase virtual goods like weapons and getaway cars. Set in New York City at launch, the game expanded to new in-game locales including Cuba, Moscow, Bangkok, Las Vegas, Italy and Brazil in March 2011.

Details are sparse, but the new game’s tagline is “Being bad never felt so good.” The trailer is actually set to “Mountain Song,” by Jane’s Addiction. The game will include a 3-D world and several new characters.