Facebook Sends Users An Email To Tell Them It’s Going To Send Them Less Email

Patience is a virtue. Or so people say … While I’ve never been particularly patient, I have a sneaking suspicion that it totally works, like if you stick it out long enough you eventually get everything you’ve ever wanted.

The latest evidence that this principle might be true, for me at least? Facebook, which was a notorious Notifications over-emailer, has started sending out emails telling select users that it will start sending out fewer emails. Now my brain hurts, thank you Facebook.

Users with the feature enabled can check the box after “Email Frequency:” to receive condensed “important update and summary” emails instead of a separate email for the 83 different Facebook Notifications one can choose to receive emails for, like when someone posts something on your wall, or when someone adds you as a friend, or confirms your friend request, or mentions you in a comment, or tags you in a post and so on and so forth ad infinitum — Not to mention the emails you can receive from Facebook apps!

Sure this could be in preparation for some amazing new product to be announced at F8 on Thursday (Facebook Irony perhaps?), but even on its own it’s still pretty cool considering a lot of Facebook’s stickiness stems from the fact that it emails the hell out of people every time anything minute happens.

From MG’s lips to God’s Zuckerberg’s ears.